My Husband’s Side Chick Threatened Me, Sent Goons to Kill Me So That My Husband Would Marry Her


My name is Julie and a few months ago, I almost lost my life because my husband’s side chick would not let me stay alive. The side chick started sleeping with my husband one year ago and he just wanted him for the money.

I came to learn that it started as a one-night stand but it evolved into a full-blown relationship after the side chick manipulated my husband that she would reveal details of their relationship to me. So my husband had to play along and cheat on me hoping that I would never find out. Actually, I would never have found out had the side chick not texted me in the middle of the night.

She took my number from my husband’s phone and told me to divorce my husband or that I would suffer the consequences of being with him.

“My name is Lucy, I am texting you because I have been sleeping with your husband and I now want him for myself. So divorce and let me have him or you will leave to regret. I will send goons to kill you!” her message read.

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I was scared for my life and when I raised the issue with my husband,he told me I should ignore it. How could I ignore it yet my life was on the line! I had to do something to save my marriage and my life.

I called my best friend whom I shared with my fears and she immediately told me not be scared. She sent traditional doctor Kazimoto’s number and told me to call him so that he could help me.

I dialed Doctor Kazimoto’s number immediately and he immediately cast the revenge spell to deal with the sidechick. The following day, she called me and started begging for my forgiveness. The spell had made her have wounds all over her body such that she wanted to die. I told her to never go near my husband because she would be the one to die. Since then, she has never tried making any contacts with my husband because she knows I will deal with her.

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