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My Jobless Sister Stole My Husband after Coming to Live with Me

After my younger sister finished her university education, she got very frustrated as she could not get a job. She called me a month ago while in tears and frustrated that she could not find a job so that she could finally leave home and achieve her dreams. I was very empathetic to her situation and so I asked to come to Nairobi and live with me and my husband as she figures out her next move.

I was happy to have her around as I was ready to help her apply jobs. I would leave her in the house in the morning as I went to work and return in the evening to find that she had cooked, cleaned the house and even done laundry. I was impressed by how she endeavored to make my life easy.

Two weeks after her arrival, however, I started finding her behaviors a bit bizarre. This is because she started wearing heavy make-up, extremely short dresses and shirts that would show her cleavage.
I knew she was up to something because when I asked her to be decent in my house; she rolled her eyes at me and asked me to mind my business.

“Are you jealous of my hot body? I will not stop being beautiful because of your insecurities,” she said when I asked to behave modestly. I decided to let it slip but that was a mistake because in the days that followed, my sister started sleeping with my husband.

I found them in the middle of the night having sex in the living room. I had woken up to go take a glass of water from the kitchen and that is when sexual moans from the living room.
“Fuck me harder before she wakes up,” my sister said and I could not believe my eyes or ears. My tears started rolling down my cheeks.

I wanted to go take a kitchen knife and kill them both but I figured that would be detrimental to me. That is why I quickly thought of calling renowned traditional doctor Kazimoto who helped me get revenge.

I called him on +254741930918and he immediately cast the getting stuck spell which would glue the two cheaters together. It was at that moment that my husband and sister got stuck in their genitals and they started screaming in confusion. This is when I managed to compose myself and confront them. My husband was very apologetic and he asked me to forgive him. I chased my sister out of my house as she was a threat to my marriage.

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