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My Mother is seducing my hubby! What Should I do?

My name is Cecilia and I have been going through the worst problem in my marriage as I have been competing for my husband’s attention with my own mother who was determined to steal my husband as she was also lusting after him.
I invited my mother to come and stay in my house as my house girl had ran away and I needed someone to take care of my two children while I was at work. When I phoned my mother to tell her what was happening, she told me she did not mind coming to look after my kids while I was away at work. I thought that she was a life saver and I was happy that she was lending me her hand at a time when I was in need.

However, she had ulterior motives as she was coming to my house to break my marriage. I started realizing that she was after my husband after I found her wearing skimpy dresses whenever I returned from work. I would ask her why she was wearing short or see me through dresses and she would say that the house was hot.
She became very ambitious in seducing my husband that I one time found them in bed and when I confronted them, they beat me and threw me out of the house.

“Huyubwanakoamekuwawangukutokaleo! Tokauende!” she told me as she beat me.

I called my elder sister and told her what had happened and she was in shock. She told me my mother had also tried seducing her husband but her husband did not fall into her trap. My sister told me the only way to recover my marriage was by contacting Doctor Kazimoto and ask for a love portion and a revenge spell to teach my mom a lesson.
Indeed, when I contacted the doctor, he told me that he could save my marriage using his spells and he lived upto his word. This is because in less than 24 hours after I consulted him, my mom started developing unusual breasts and wounds all over her body. Mysterious sounds also asked her to leave my husband alone.
She called me and apologized while weeping, promising never to steal my man again. She returned to the village and my husband came looking for me and said he was sorry.
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