My mother rejected me for 15 good years- a Kenyan woman says

Speaking live on a radio station, Martha a 40 year old said that the rejection came after her mother separated with her father.
She went on to say that the separation messed her while growing up because she had no stable home where she stayed. Her parents kept moving her from one home to another.
“My mum was married to my biological dad and the she had me. So the first time I had an issue with my marriage nikaenda nikamwambia she was like ‘I hope history doesn’t repeat itself’ mama na baba waliachana and it really messed me up because nilikuwa namovishwa from one family to another, before you trust someone ushatolewa,” she said.
Martha narrated that her mum had a problem accepting her, because she got married to another man and back then it was a big issue getting married with a kid.
“Tatizo ilikuwa kuniaccept. Back in the day ukiolewa ukiwa na mtoto ilikuwa shida it’s not like today. It was really tough for me,” Martha stated.
She added that this affected her into adulthood and she created a wall in which anytime she realized someone was about to reject her, she would act all weird on the person.
Asked about her relationship with the mum, Martha said that after the birth of her daughter they began making amends and creating a relationship and they sometimes hang out and talk but shallowly. He was finally helped by a herbalist Dr Kazimoto who offered her spells that would see them reunite. Today Martha says she and her mother have a good relationship. She even consults her on very many life issues. She says this has been enabled by Dr Kazimoto.
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