My Mzungu Lover Infected with HIV/AIDs after Taking Me on Vacation, Paid Me KSh 50,000


A year ago, I was swiping me through my Facebook when I got a message from a Mzungu man who told that he had been smitten by my beauty. I thought he was one of the jokers that love flirting but he immediately asked for my M-Pesa number as he wanted to show me that he was serious with me and wanted to be with me.

Can I be this lucky? I thought to myself. I mean, how could I have a wealthy Mzungu man just for me, ready to treat me like the princess I am. I thought that the dream to finally have a wealthy man by my side was finally coming true. In the days that followed, my Mzungu lover would text and call me all the time and he would send me at least KSh 5000 a day.

A few months ago, he flew all the way from his home country to come to Kenya to see me and I was excited. He told me we would go all the way to Mombasa for a vacation and I could not wait. I knew he would spoil me with many goodies, money and sex and I was just so elated.

The day finally came and he arrived to Kenya. We booked plane tickets to Mombasa and we started our excited vacation. A week after our vacation, something weird happened. I woke up in our hotel room and the Mzungu was nowhere to be seen. He had left with his suitcase and the only thing he left me was KSh 50,000 and a letter confessing that he had infected me with HIV. I could not believe my eyes.

“Dear Jess, I am now returning to my country because I have infected you with HIV. Bye,” he wrote in his letter.
I was literally shaking and crying. I thought that perhaps he was lying but a few months later, I started getting so sick and when I went to the hospital, I was found positive for the HIV. I cried so hard and I even wanted to kill myself.

I called my mother to give her the news that I would soon die of the virus but she told me HIV was not a death sentence with Doctor Kazimoto’s healing spells. I could not believe that it was possible to get healing from the virus but indeed after calling the doctor, he confirmed to that he could indeed heal me.
I went to see him the following day at his Nairobi office and indeed, I got a healing spell and some concontions that I took and helped me heal. In the few weeks that followed, I got stronger and I am now happy to announce that I am free from HIV.

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