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My Sexually Transmitted Disease Now Healed

My Name is George Wanjala a bodaboda rider from Bungoma   I have been suffering from sexually transmitted disease which is commonly  referred to as Syphilis. 

It’s sad that the disease I contracted after I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend to whom I found in one of the entertainment joints in Bungoma.

After getting intimate with my girlfriend I started feeling unusual where I had some painless sore on my genital.

I went to a nearby chemist and bought some medicine since I just thought it was just a normal sore.

But after taking the drugs  the condition worsened and I decided to visit a doctor who ran some tests thereafter told me that I was infected by syphilis.

I was shocked and I did not know what to do but the doctor encouraged me that the condition is curable.

He gave me some medications in which I took it for three weeks but there were no changes. I went back to the doctor and he prescribed other drugs but after taking them nothing changed 

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