“My sister stole my husband after In was admitted in the hospital for two months” A lady shockingly narrates

Angela from the Kwisero, Kakamega County has painfully narrated how her elder sister snatched her husband at the moment she needed her the most. She took him when she got sick and got admitted to hospital for 2 months.
According to her, after completing her studies, her elder sister took her in but she used to mistreat her by overworking her. She could do all the house chores in her house and wouldn’t pay her a penny.

She had promised to pay for her college studies but she didn’t. When she met a man who asked for her hand in marriage, she didn’t hesitate. They tied the knots in the church and their parents blessed them.
They were blessed with two children together. One day she fell which made her develop a backache. She went to the hospital but the doctors advised her to get admitted to control the pain and receive treatment.
After two weeks her husband stopped visiting her at the hospital. His phone went off, she asked her elder sister to search for him but she told her that she was nowhere to be found. When she was discharged from the hospital she found her kids alone.

The neighbor was taking care of them. One day her elder son helped her walk to her elder sister’s house. Which was a few kilometers away. She saw her husband’s car in the compound. Upon entering the house, she found them partying and drinking alcohol.

She was so much frustrated. She had to seek various means in which she would stop the illegimate relationship. Luckily she pounced on Dr Kazimoto on a popular blog. She called his contact +254741930918. That was the end of the relationship. The two lover birds never communicated to each other. She sent her sister back home.

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