My Wife Drugged Me, Stole KSH 1 Million from Me and Went to Live with Her Younger Boyfriend

My name is Jose and for days now, I have been recuperating from the hospital after my wife drugged me with some stupefying substance and stole KSh 1 million from me. I had just come back from work as usual and without any suspicions, I ate the supper she served me and some drink.

I did not know she had laced the food with some drugs to make me dizzy and unconscious. After having several bites, I started feeling so sick and in a matter of seconds, I fell into a deep sleep. After sleeping, my wife managed to log into my mobile bank account and withdrew KSh 1 million.

I had put my fingerprints as the security feature and so since I was unconscious, she managed to log in and withdrew all my savings. She also stole some house hold goods such as a fridge, TV and asthe laundry machine. I would wake up the following day and find that I was all alone in the house and my money was gone.

I called my mother who lives nearby and she came hurriedly. I was still dizzy from the drug that my wife had used on me and I could not understand what was going on. My mother immediately called the police after I told her my wife had stolen my KSh 1 million and other house hold goods.

When the police came, they said they could not handle the case because it was my wife involved. I tried explaining to them that she had gone to enjoy my money with her young boyfriend but they would have none of that. After they left, my mother told me she had a better idea on how to recover my money.
“Let us just call Doctor Kazimoto. I know his number is +254741930918. He will help us catch your rogue wife and recover your cash,” she told me.

We called the doctor and told him what happened and he immediately cast his famous spell of catching thieves no matter where they are. What amazed me about the doctor is that in less than 12 hours, my wife called me and started regretting stealing from me.

The spell made her sick and she started eating grass. She sent all the money back to my account and returned all my house hold goods.

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