Nairobi Man In Premium Tears After His Campus Girlfriend Dumps Him On Her Birthday Party After Successful Gold-Digging Of Ksh 400,000

Wanjiru my girlfriend who studies at Kenyatta University was a gem that I never imagined of letting it slip off my hands. We had been in a relationship for one year but my live for her had grew stronger day by day to the extent of I had plans to marry her once she graduated and give her the life she deserved. I would pay her studio apartment rent where she resided in juaja and would also provide for her monthly up-keeps. On weekends I would take her to different places for vacations where we would have fun.

I’m Joash Omondi from Upper hill and I work at NCBA bank as branch manager. Money to me has never been an issue but love has always exposed the weaker side of me. Wanjiru and I had been leaving a good life until months ago where I impregnated her but to my surprise despite me being stable enough to start and raise a family with her, she opted to abort my kid claiming that she was too young to start parenthood and gave the excuse that raising a baby at that particular time would hinder her from me achieving her dreams. The love I felt for her controlled me and I was stupid enough to agree with her.

I knew I was the only man in her life until last month during her birthday party where I had hired a private garden where the ceremony was to take place only for her to invite her friends without inviting me the event funder and his boyfriend. According to the information I dug out from her friends was that she had a particular guy whom they had been dating for years behind my back. They would meet and have affairs without me even noticing. I arrived at the birthday destination and to my surprise the security guards couldn’t let me in claiming that it was an order from above. I called Wanjiru’s phone but she never answered. I had to force my way in only to find them holding arms and kissing as the crowd cheered “to many years couples” my heart skipped fast and I reacted by slapping her only for her to break up with me and order guard sti throw me outside.

I was so heartbroken since I had spent ksh 400,000 fir arrangements of her birthday party only for her to humiliate me in front of her friends. I had to seek the help of love charms from a reputable native doctor from Kitengela town called Dr. KAZIMOTO who after casting his Love spells on Wanjiru,it’s been two weeks and Wanjiru has been chasing me down and apologizing. I took her back and tied her down by the use of Dr. KAZIMOTO’S Love Protection Spells and I now secure that she’ll never have eyes on other men thanks to Dr. KAZIMOTO.

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