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Nairobi Man Weeps as Slay Queen He Educated Dumps Him, Marries Rich Mubaba

A Nairobi man is now regretting educating a slay queen after she gave him some major character development. Simon Wandera could not help but pour his heart out on Facebook after the slay queen dumped him after he spent thousands of Kenyan shillings on her and her education.

This is what he wrote on social media:

“I am a very heartbroken man today. After five years of educating my girlfriend, she dumped me and went on to get married to a wealthy mubaba. She does not feel remorseful for what she did to me and she told me that I was worthless for having trusted her like a stupid man,” he said.

Many Kenyans on Facebook sympathized with him with many saying they would have killed the woman if she had done that to them.

“Women can be so ungrateful! You help her and she leaves you as if you do not matter. I can’t believe it! If I were you I would kill her,” an angry Facebook user said.

Simon did not like the idea of killing because he knew he would end up in jail and he not ready to lose his life just because of the slay queen.

“Killing her will cause you more harm than good. I would advise you to seek the help of renowned traditional herbalist Doctor Kazimoto he will help you using his special spell-casting powers. He once helped me by the way,” another man told Simon on his Facebook post.

The man also gave Simon Doctor Kazimoto’sphone number and he called daktari immediately. This turned out to be the best advice he received as Doctor Kazimoto promised to help him. The doctor cast a revenge spell to teach Simon’s girlfriend a lesson.

“My spells will bring her home to you and she will never treat you like that again,” Doctor Kazimoto told Simon.
In less than 24 hours after the spell was cast, the slay queen returned to Simon begging for forgiveness for mistreating him. She vowed never to dump him and would love him forever.

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