David Ngugi, a self-employed mechanic and spare parts seller, who had been attempting to win the MozzartBet jackpot for over three years, has finally achieved his goal and is now a fortunate winner. He expressed his excitement about hitting the jackpot. 

“I am filled with immense happiness and gratitude towards God. I was simply trying my luck like any other person placing bets, and fortunately, it was my turn to win. After more than three years of trying, luck has finally favored me,” Ngugi said.

When questioned about his plans for the prize money, Ngugi mentioned that he intends to invest it in his business. Additionally, he offered advice to other punters, encouraging them to continue trying but to also gamble responsibly.

“I engage in betting solely for entertainment purposes since gambling can be highly addictive. It’s crucial for individuals to exercise caution and participate only for amusement. Despite winning this jackpot, I intend to invest in the industry and still engage in betting for fun,” he added.

Asked what was his secret for success in betting this is what he had to say.

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