Nairobi Matatu driver turns Kes 1300 savings into Kes 20 Million in a period of 2 years, starts his own bus company and builds 5 bedroom house. This is how he did it.

Never in his life did 37 years old John Kinuthia thinks that he would be this successful. Having studied until he acquired a diploma in Sales and Marketing he was unable to secure any meaningful employment hence he started doing odd job at least to put food on the table. He got a job as a Matatu driver where he was being Kes 800 every day which was not enough to pay bills. One day while browsing on Facebook he came across an advert for an online job called Zumo News and his life has never been the same again. We meet with him as he narrates to us about his success journey.


“My name is Joseph Kinuthia and am 37 years old father of two kids. I went to school until I acquired a diploma in Sales and Marketing but was unable to secure any employment hence i started doing all sorts of odd jobs at least to put food on the table. I got a job as a Matatu driver where i worked for almost 4 years .I was being paid Kes 800 every day which was not enough to pay my own bill hence i started looking for other ways of making an extra cash. But my life changed when 2 years ago i came across an advert for an online job called Zumo News. On the advert i could read testimony of a young guy who had bought 3 cars and a house using the money he made from Zumo News and i became very interested. I did more research and realize it was something that i could also do. To get started all i needed was a Laptop, internet connection and an Mpesa line for receiving payments. I paid the Kes 1300 that was required as onetime registration fee and started working immediately,” he narrates.

For beginners , Zumo News is an online job that allows its members to earn money reading news, sharing on Facebook/Whatsapp and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program. They pay Kes 300 for every person that you invite to join hence if you invite 10 people in a day that alone will earn Kes 3000 money.

” I received my first payment of Kes 36,000 after the first week of joining and within the first month alone i had already made more than Kes 265,000 clean money. I was really excited since i could tell that i had landed on an honest online job. Within 6 months of working on Zumo News i was making Kes 500,000 in monthly income with much of it coming from affiliate commission i made after inviting people to join the program. To be successful with this online job, you must work hard and smart and be willing to learn. I quitted my job as driver and started my own bus company which is worthy more than Kes 20 million and has employed over 20 people. I have also build a 5 bedroom house and bought two cars ,one for myself and another for my wife. I don’t know how my life could have been if it was not for Zumo News,” he says.

The good thing with Zumo News is that it can be done from anywhere, anytime and by anybody as long as you are willing to learn. Hence you don’t need any academic qualifications for you to get started.

“Don’t be cheated that this is a get-rich quick scheme because it is not rather you have to work not only hard but also smart. I have been working on Zumo News for 2 years now and it has never disappointed me even a single time. Nowadays i don’t see any other legit way of making money online from the comfort of your house except through Zumo News,” he adds.

If you wish to make money online, Register on Zumo News and Get started. You will never regret it.

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