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Nairobi student 25 years buys a 4 bedroom apartment after turning Kes 1000 pocket money into 6 Million in 9 Months through Betting.

A 25 years old Nairobi Student has shocked many people after revealing how he managed to buy a 4 bedroom apartment in just 9 months through betting. Kelvin Wambua who his an engineering student says he started betting 3 years ago so as to make extra income to sustain him but ended up losing a lot of money instead. Then one day while browsing on the internet he came across this amazing prediction platform called SokaFans and his live has never been the same again. We meet with him as he narrates to us about his success journey.

“My name is Kelvin Wambua and am 25 years old student pursuing Engineering at Kenyatta University. While in College i was so broke hence i started looking for other ways of making extra income and that is how i started doing betting. At first i could make some money but in most cases i was making loses which made me very depressed. Then early last year while browsing on the internet i came across this amazing prediction platform called SokaFans and my life has never been the same again. At first i was skeptical about using it but after reading on social media the way it had changed people’s lives i decided to give it a try. I was surprised after i won all the bets the entire week and was sure that i had landed on genuine prediction platform. On SokaFans you will find thousands of tipsters who sell sure betting predictions and at affordable prices say Kes 50 only. The good thing about this platform is that tipsters are vetted and ranking according to their winning rate hence it is easy for a gambler to identify the profitable one and buy tips from them,” he narrates.

According to research, only 3% of gamblers win in betting but that is about to end since the launch of SokaFans. Thousands of gamblers are winning everyday thanks to SokaFans. The sole purpose of SokaFans is to connect gamblers to profitable tipsters. The platform is very transparent in that a gambler is able to see a tipster’s betting history before deciding whether to buy tips from them or not.

SokaFans has really changed my life for the better. I have bought my first car and 4 bedroom apartment thanks to this platform. If you are a gambler and not using SokaFans , then you are losing bigtime. The secret to be successful in betting is reducing your odds and increasing the stake amount. Online Platforms like SokaFans are really changing the lives of many gamblers especially this time of hard economy where most people have lost their jobs and source of livelihood,” he adds.

You can also make money selling betting tips on SokaFans. To get started as a tipster is absolutely free but you only get charged a small fee when your tips are bought. If you are a football fan and good at predicting matches, then SokaFans is the most sure way of making passive income say Kes 5,000 everyday.

If you wish to make extra income in Betting, Visit SokaFans and Get Started. You will thank us later

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