Nairobi;A man is forced to return stolen sheeps he stole in monday Azimio demos after they all stuck in his back-not his day

Butcheries and slaughter houses in Northen by bass werw all full and parked to the brim reason being there was a mass looting of sheeps from a popular politician land. However to Musau, it was not his lucky day like everyone else who stole sheeps for easy cash.

The three sheep he had stolen all stuck on his back soon as he reached at home. People thought he was pretending but this was actually how things were.

“My husband stormed our homestead with three sheep on his back. I knew there was a massive loot at a popular garden in Nairobi but things went amiss on his side,” his wife said.

They thought of slaughtering the sheep while they were still on his back but that was not a briliant idea at all. It was actually his 40th day. He was forced to travel back to give out the sheeps as things were not going the right way. Soon as he reached the ranch gate, all the three sheeps were out of his back. He wondered how everyone else was looting while it was impossible for him.

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