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Nandi Girl who worked as house help finally joins Pepperdine University in California USA to pursue a Master’s Degree

A Nandi Girl raised by An Alcoholic father, impregnated at 13 years has overcome all odds to join celebrated Pepperdine University in California USA to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Policing.

30 year old Janeth Jepleting from Kilibwoni village in Emgwen constituency in Nandi County had to work as house help and hospital cleaner in order to raise school fees for her studies in Kenya.

In what would be equated to a journey of pain and anguish Janeth was not deterred in her quest for Education.

She was born out of wedlock and raised by an alcoholic and violent father who most of the times mistreated her and made her life miserable, the lady was exposed to gender based violence at an early age including domestic violence she faced her mother undergoing.

She was later raised by her grandmother at nine years old but unfortunately, the grandmother passed away after two years and at a young age of eleven years Jepleting was forced to move from one relative’s home to another in search of shelter.

However, after she sat for her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) at thirteen years old, she became pregnant this worsened her situation forcing her to drop out of school.

The young lady ended up working as a house girl for two years where she raised some money to enable her join High school.

Janet was lucky to join Mosop Stephen Kositany Girls High School in Nandi County with the help of bursary from the Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF), she had financial instability but was determined to work as a cleaner at Moi Teaching And Referral Hospital (MTRH) Eldoret just to help her raise her school fees, the struggle that so her finish her high school education.

After a sterling Performance, Janet applied for a diploma course in Law at The Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, but later transferred to The Catholic University of Eastern Africa to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, unfortunately, she was in and out of school most of the time due to financial constraints.

One evening after a student fellowship at All Saints Cathedral in Eldoret, Janeth met a well-wisher Valentine Gitoho, who she narrated the story of her life.

To her disbelief Gitoho donated Ksh 200,000 to cater for her education, and this turned around her life.

After graduating in 2018, Janeth made several applications to the Universities in the United Kingdom (UK) and she was fortunate to get admitted to the University of Sussex, for further studies but an admission she later dropped due to lack of school fees.

In her quest for education In 2021 Janeth got a scholarship at Pepperdine University in California to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Policing. An although lucky ,she needed over Ksh600,000 to cater for her travel allowances and other educational needs at Pepperdine university an amount that almost shuttered her dreams.

It was not until Janeth met Dr Henry Kibet Rotich a Director of Metrology & Testing at The Kenya Bureau of Standards that her dream of Joining Pepperdine University became a reality.

Dr Henry who was born to a humble family of 9 ( 8 boys and 1 girl ) In Nandi County and had studied at The university of Nairobi before acquiring a Masters and PhD in sciences in the People’s Republic of China, Being passionate with education he mobilized friends to raise resources that would finally enable Janeth realize her dream.

“In china I noted how women had succeeded in education and other fields and I felt that if more girls are supported in Kenya to pursue education they will transform our society. Most of the lecturers in our university were women this is the reason I am passionate supporting young girls in their quest for education especially from my County in Nandi,” Says Dr Henry.

I want to thank Nandi professional group and all people who not only contributed their monies but demonstrated their faith in Janeth’s dream to further her dreams abroad,

“Nelson Mandela great quote, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, On Janeth’s case I remember when she shared her dream in our professional group and it sounded to many as a far-fetched joke. She had no money even for visa, I advised her to write to the university requesting for a scholarship which she did, it was not enough and so I advised her to share her story with her university and luckily she got her scholarship enhanced God continues to open doors for her and I believe she will inspire many other women and young girls to greater potential” Notes Dr Henry

This is the final leg of my educational quest, it’s a journey close to my heart as it inspires young girls in my Kilibwoni village Nandi county and beyond who may have shared a bitter past with me ,and in the words of Lupita Nyong’o every little dream is valid ,I have political ambitions and after completing my Master’s degree in Pepperdine University, I am passionate about joining the Kenya National Intelligence Service (NIS) for my career and also start a foundation to help young women and girls in my society in a bid to empower more girls to live up to their dreams. “Says Janet

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