Natembeya Care: Governor Launches Health Initiative to Support Elderly and Vulnerable in the County

Governor George Natembeya has taken charge of an important initiative aimed at enhancing healthcare services within Trans Nzoia County. The Natembeya Care (Nate-Care) program, launched under the governor’s auspices, seeks to prioritize the elderly population by enabling them and other vulnerable individuals to access the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) with ease.

The program is expected to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to residents in the county, especially those who are most in need. The first phase of the initiative has been granted Sh22 million, which will provide support to over 4,000 households.

Governor Natembeya’s administration is steadfastly committed to delivering high-quality healthcare services that cater to the needs of all Trans Nzoia County residents. The Nate-Care program is an example of the government’s continued efforts to prioritize the wellbeing of its citizens.

The County has also forged an alliance with an Israeli technology firm to deliver innovative healthcare solutions, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as drones and MRI machines. The partnership marks a significant milestone in the County’s efforts to improve its healthcare infrastructure and services.

The Israeli firm, renowned for its expertise in advanced technologies, will collaborate with the County to develop and implement state-of-the-art healthcare solutions. These solutions are expected to transform the healthcare landscape in the County, enhancing the quality of care, and improving access to vital medical services for patients.

The utilization of drones and MRI machines is a testament to the County’s commitment to innovation and progress. The drones will enable healthcare providers to transport medical supplies and equipment to remote and hard-to-reach areas, ensuring that patients in these regions receive timely medical attention.

The County’s partnership with the Israeli firm will undoubtedly enhance its reputation as a forward-thinking and dynamic hub for healthcare innovation, with the potential to revolutionize the way medical services are delivered and accessed in the region.

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