National Assembly Lands Committee Engages With NLC on Land Laws Amendment Bill


The National Land Commission has said a number of amendments proposed in the Land Laws Amendment Bill will create conflict of interest between the National Government and County Governments.

In a meeting with the National Assembly Lands Committee chaired by Hon. Joash Nyamoko, NLC led by Vice Chair Commissioner Mrs. Getrude Nguku and Commissioner, Mr. Reginald Okumu laid bare the Commission’s views on the Land Laws Amendment Bill, 2023.

In their submissions, NLC raised concerns over the amendments which propose to transfer several functions including the publication of Gazette Notices of Intention to Acquire, inspection of properties to be acquired, oversight on determination of legal and financial claims by Project Affected Persons and issuance of awards from the Commission to the Ministry of Lands.

“Clause 107 of the Land Laws Amendment Bill should be deleted because the proposed amendment will create a conflict of interest whereby the National Government determines the location of projects, approves the acquisition, determines the value, provides compensation funds and makes the payment,” said the Vice Chairperson NLC, Mrs. Getrude Nguku Nguku.

However, during the meeting Committee Members expressed dissatisfaction with NLC’s submissions with legislators noting that the Commission has agreed to less than 10% of the proposed amendments without providing justification or making alternative proposals.

“The impact of the amendments proposed in the Land Laws Amendment Bill are enormous. This Bill should be taken seriously. It is very important for this Committee to understand and take into consideration all dimensions of this legislation by interacting with all stakeholders.” North Mugirango MP and Chair Hon. Joash Nyamoko.

In response NLC CEO, Ms. Kabale Tache noted the progress made in land policies and adjudication of land matters saying that, “Alot has changed in the lands sector. Looking at the Land Policy of 2009 and Land Laws of 2012.”

Members of the Committee on Land are expected to meet with the National Land Commission in the coming days as the Committee continues its review of the Land Laws Amendment Bill, 2023.

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