Never Ask a Woman How Many Men She Slept With- Benjamin Zulu

You don’t ask a woman ‘how many men have you been with sexually?’ Either she will lie to you or you won’t like the answer you get.

Also, asking that question early on in your interactions is intrusive and offensive. It casts doubts as to why you want that information? Is it because in your mind a woman’s worth is entirely based on her past? This means you only see her like a body and not a person, much like asking ‘how many people have worn this shoe?’ Humans are not objects and they can evolve past an event and it becomes so irrelevant as if it never occurred. If you don’t understand this you’re far from being fit for healthy relationships.

A person’s past has some importance, but it’s not the most important thing. Their present lifestyle and character is the most important thing. For this reason, you should allow her to disclose her past naturally in your conversations. This will tell you something about her transparency and honesty as well, especially if you’re disclosing your past yourself.

‘I have no past,’ you say? Everyone has a past unless you were born today. What counts is the kind of past you have. If you spent your youth in church and she spent hers in clubs, you’ll both have tales. Even the virgin has stories of how they managed temptations and escaped tricky situations.

Moreover, many ladies have met men who shoot that question to test ‘how easy she is to lay,’ in hopes of getting her to bed quickly himself. Or they want to stab her self-esteem with the infamous ‘body count’ notion and blow up her sense of specialness so she is easy to control and manipulate.

A gentleman will piece together a lady’s tales of her past and decide quietly whether he wants to get involved with her. He will come in gently and leave the same way. He knows everyone has their match and even if it’s not him, he doesn’t have to attack her confidence or hurt her feelings on his way out.

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