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Never Keep Someone Who Wanted to Destroy You

Never keep someone in your life who tried to destroy you when they were angry. You need someone who cares about you in all states of mind.

If there are times they don’t care about you, you’re not safe with them. Those are the times they will destroy you. Be forgiving but don’t be condoning. You forgive human weaknesses, but you don’t condone character flaws. The people who you invite into the inside of your life should be integral and coherent. If they’re unpredictable and potentially explosive, what’s the wisdom in installing them in your life.

Nobody is perfect, you say. And the same is true about houses. No house is perfect, but the house must have structural integrity enough to ensure the safety of those who stay in it. If it has cracks in fundamental places like the floor or pillars, or if it’s tilted to the side, authorities will mark it as unsafe for human occupation.

Stop inhabiting people who have cracks in their character. You’re risking your life.

(©️ Benjamin Zulu Global)

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