Never Pick a Life Partner at Low Season- Benjamin Zulu

Some people are only compatible with your rock bottom, and this is why you must never pick life companions when you’re in your low season. You will think you have similar values when you’re just hurting the same way. A case in point is two people who got kids in their previous relationships, and they connect and marry based on that. ‘We’ve been through a similar journey.’ That’s a situational assessment, and it always produces perishable connectedness.

If you let your wounds draw you closer, when one of you heals the closeness will die. This is why someone will keep you from healing and moving out of a dark place because they know that’s the only reason they’re relevant in your life.

Fellowship of suffering is comforting, but it shouldn’t be the foundation of your life unless you intend to be suffering all your life. Appreciate the friends you meet in your furnace of affliction, but do not always try to establish them in your life before your seasons turn to see whether they can fit there as well.

Lastly, pain changes people just like fire changes elements. Some become refined, and others become ash. You may come from that season of suffering better while they come out bitter. And then you will have contradicting views of life.

Always make decisions of life when you’re on your feet. Falling is temporary, and you shouldn’t drag things that were only relevant when you were fallen.

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