New details emerge in Kisumu as a man 36 years old returns a sub-woofer he stole, be warned!!

Drama erupted when a swarm of bees attacked a man suspected to have stolen electronic items from a businessman of Kisumu during the just ended Azimio la Umoja protests.

Felix Ojwang a resident of Kisumu town who witnessed the incident told our news source that the bees had covered the man’s head, neck, part of the back and others were in his pockets.

The yet to be identified man who was bare footed and half naked was carrying a black subwoofer and a DVD which he is suspected to have stolen from the busy electronic shop.

“A big group of people followed him as he walked towards Kisumu Police station. Others took pictures and shot videos” Ojwang said.

He reportedly walked from Kisumu boys area municipality and moved along the main street and made a stop-over at Kisumu central police station.

However, police did not come to his rescue forcing him to proceed to Kisumu city CBD where he is suspected to have stolen the equipment.

Video footages shared by witnesses on social media showed the man wailing as he held the subwoofer in his right hand while covering his head with the left.

According to eyewitnesses, the man who was in the company of Boda Boda cyclists who laughed, hooted and jeered at him went to the resident of an herbalist called Dr Kazimoto who did a ritual that made the bees vanished. It was the same Dr Kazimoto who was consulted after by the vandalized electronic shop was raided.

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