New Law to Compel Businesses to Join KNCCI- Kuria

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) is now targeting small business enterprises through the proposed Chamber Bill.

The C.S. for trade, Moses Kuria stated that the government is working on a law that will compel all registered business enterprises to join KNCCI in an attempt to strengthen it.

Small business enterprises are subjected to the payment of a subscription cost of sh5000 per year upon joining.
“In the Chamber Bill, it will be mandatory for all the registered businesses in Kenya to be a member of this Chamber and this will not be a choice”, added C.S Kuria.

C.S. Kuria has asserted that the Kenya National Chamber Law will be presented to the cabinet within the next 30 days.

Kuria has added that the move by the Chamber Law will not be as costly as people may think about it since the subscription cost is just minimal and this will play a role in monitoring the businesses.

“If you think that the mandatory belonging or paying the subscription is very expensive, try to be an employee; but we are going to have organized businesses”, stated the C.S.

The C.S. has added that the Kenya Chamber of Commerce will not be about individual gains nor interests but it will be a business forum that can speak for Kenya and earn the country the courtesy it deserves.
This move will boost the partnership between the Country and World Bank through the generation of a business growth finance pool for the small and medium businesses to prosper through the provision of business capital to them.

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