Ng’enyilel Ward MCA- CSs Should be Appointed From Parliament

Ng’enyilel Ward MCA Benjamin Natui now wants Cabinet Secretaries to be appointed from parliament.

He says this will ensure accountability and sleeping on the job will be a thing of the past.
“The Cabinet Secretaries should be appointed from parliament this will ensure that work is done accordingly since poor jobs will mean they will not be re-elected,” said the Ng’enyilel Ward MCA.

He said the current CSs are performing poorly because they don’t have political ambitions but just to fill their stomachs.

“When President Ruto was an MP he was appointed CS for Agriculture, thereafter Higher education and he performed well because he had political ambitions. The answer for CS sleeping on the job is appointing them from parliament,” he added.

He further said that any Cabinet secretary sleeping on the job should be shown the door.

“I support that anyone sleeping on the job should be shown the door and be given to competent ones who are in a position to work, any person given a chance should work,” he added.

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