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Nominated MP Warns Retired President Kenyatta Against Sponsoring Azimio Rallies

Kenya Kwanza political leaders from Uasin Gishu County have warned retired president Uhuru Kenyatta against sponsoring the Azimio’s rallies across the Country.

Led by nominated UDA Member of County Assembly Joseph Wainaina they said president Kenyatta to stop sponsoring the rallies with immediate effect.

“And those who are funding those demonstrations we know them, if you see a tortoise sitting in a higher place, know there is someone who has put it there, we know they are leaders who were in the government but it does not matter. We know former retired president Uhuru Kenyatta is behind it,” said Wainaina.

This comes after Azimio leader Raila Odinga gave the Kenya Kwanza government fourteen ten days to solve Azimio grievances which includes the opening of servers and lowering the cost of living among others.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga said that failure to adhere to the grievances they are going to hold a huge rally which they said they are heading to the State House.
Wainaina condemned the plans by Azimio leaders and urged them to instead have other means of raising their issues.

“They are threatening us that they will go to State House, let them try and see, State House has its own rules,” said nominated MP.

The nominated MP said the Kenya Kwanza government is busy building the economy and Azimio has to give it time to work for Kenyans and termed the rallies as “unnecessary”.

“President and his deputy are working to build the economy and develop we as their supporters let us deal with these Azimio people until they surrender, “said Wainana.

Raila has been complaining over the transparency of the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission claiming the votes of the presidential election were rigged.

During the launch of the Women Fund, President William Ruto responded to Raila over the issue of servers saying there is a law to follow before the opening of the servers, and said he is not responsible for opening servers.

Azimio is expecting to hold massive public rallies heading to the State House pressurizing the president to fulfill what they promised Kenyans.

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