Notorious Robbery With Violence Thug Arrested in Nairobi


A robbery with violence suspect who has featured constantly in the list of Nairobi’s most wanted, was arrested Monday night by the OCS Huruma police station, after an attack on a couple that was headed home from work.

The OCS who was on the beat with his men arrived just on time as the thugs were taking off, leading to a dramatic chase that led to the arrest of the thug who has previously been charged in a court of law twice, for preparation to commit a felony.

The knife wielding thug had accosted
Mohammed Adan and his wife Sameha Mihammud as they headed home around the KAG Church, snatching their mobile phones before taking off on a bike.

In an incident that literary shook the shacks lined up near the Kariobangi-Huruma flyover, the OCS leading his anti-mugging squad on a motorbike went after the thugs with exasperation, in a chase reminiscent of the Grand Prix motorcycle world championship.

The bikes flew past the estate with frightening speed and their onomatopoeic sound Vrooom! Pt! Pt! Ptt! Ptta! Ptta! reverberated across the estate, as a back-up police land-cruiser that has seen better days chasing after city thugs rumbled with determination closely behind.

Following the spirited chase, the nduthi ferrying the thug began wobbling from one end of the road to the other as the thug who was hanging precariously on the pillion seat turned back only to be met by the fiery eyes of the Huruma station commander, who was shouting instructions to his police rider as he leaned on his shoulders…ongeza speed! shika hii gaidi!!!

And as fate would have it, the miscreants’ bike hit a pavement and the duo landed on the tarmac with a heavy thud like a ‘dusura’ of potatoes from the roof-rack of a Tulaga bus on arrival at Khoja bus terminus, from the potato rich Nyandarua highlands.

One of the thugs managed to escape by diving into a storm water culvert as the jailbird was arrested swiftly by the Huruma crew, led by the OCS who led his men by example during the chase.

During interrogation, it was discovered that the suspect George Ngugi alias Choku had been arrested in 2011 for preparation to commit a felony, and was released on cash bail. In 2012 he was arrested again for the same offence and being in possession of narcotics.

Detectives are yet to establish how he left the cells a week ago and is now back to his old ways of terrorizing innocent members of the public.

The suspect is being processed for arraignment once again as we appreciate Huruma police station’s anti-mugging crew for a job well done and the OCS for leading the onslaught.

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