OCP Fertilizer Company Launches School Lab

OCP fertilizer Company has launched OCP school Lab in Uasin Gishu County.

According to Peter Bwire an Agronomist and Soil scientist the program seeks to train farmers on utilization of soils,status of soils and how they can increases productivity through sustainable management of the soil.

“We have today launched OCP School Lab which will help farmers on utilization of soil and also soil testing. This campaign targets 6000 soils samples in three counties, 2000 Trans Nzoia, 1000 Nakuru, and 3000 in Uasin Gishu,” he said.

He also advised farmers to always test their soils for them to know the right fertilizer, quantity to be used and the crop to be grown so as to increase their yields by over 20 per cent.

“Soil testing reveals the status of the soil, farmers understand what needs to be done about their , what needs to be added, what farmers miss. What we are doing is try and support the farmer understand the status of their soils and advice them on what to do to increase its productivity,” he added.

He said that the company does free soil testing as their initiative of supporting farmers’ growth.

“What is unique about the OCP fertilizer is that we are keen on quality and that we are keen on developing fertilizers that fit the soil, everything you think about fertilizer product that fits the soil OCP it the best,” he noted.

Caren Aiyabei OCP Kenya as an agronomist revealed why most soils in Uasin Gishu County get low or no yields, this is because most of the soils in the county, considered the country’s food basket is acidic.

She said the soils are predominantly clayey with high moisture retention capacity which makes them suitable for a wide range of crops.

“PH of most soils is lower than the expected range, which makes it difficult for the roots of the crops to absorb the fertilizer and other nutrients in the soil and results into low yields,” she said to improve the yields farmers are encouraged to treat the soils with Agriculture lime to neutralize acidity.

OCP has over 100 years of experience in manufacture of quality, affordable phosphate fertilizer products and is committed to contributing to sustainable Agriculture in Kenya. Kegogi

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