Odinga Applauds Muslims For Doing This

Azimio la Umoja Coalition leader Raila Odinga Muslim has applauded the Muslim community for standing with him to fight for multi-partyism in Kenya.

Speaking during Iftar, Odinga said this led to the emergence of multi-partyism in Kenya.

“I know that Muslims want good for everybody and that is why it was easier for us to team up with Muslim leaders during the struggle for multi-parties,” said the opposition leader.

Odinga insisted that the poll servers be opened so that Kenyans can see and know the actual results from the servers and not from IEBC officials as it was at the Bomas of Kenya.
“We are calling upon William Samoei Ruto’s administration to open the IEBC servers for us to know who won the elections if it is them well and good, and if it us who won they must support us,” said Odinga.

“This is the only way that Kenyans will know who won elections,” he added.

He called on Kenyans to pray for Sudan during this hard time of political instability.

“I understand that our neighbor country Sudan is facing massive political war and conflict with various death counts but we need to pray for them during this Ramadhan”

The leader postulated that both Muslims and Christians have the same belief and both beliefs advocate for peace, love, and order in society, however, all this is not possible or achievable without a fair constitutional government.

“Both Muslims and Christians believe in life after death and that judgment is done by the superior being of each belief. Both the Bible and the Quran were written on the same ground and characters” Odinga said.

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