Odinga Should Stop Demonstrations With Immediate Effect-Uasin Gishu Assembly Leaders

Uasin Gishu Members of the County Assembly have condemned the ongoing demonstrations happening in Kenya led by the opposition party leader Raila Odinga.

They said Odinga should have the demonstrations with immediate effect.

This comes after ODM leader Raila Odinga started weekly protests against the Kenya kwanza government.
Mary Boroswa MCA Kipsomba ward has shown frustration with the ongoing protests in the country leading to the mass destruction of properties including the farm of the retired President Uhuru Kenyatta.

”Today we are here to condemn what is happening in the country and more so in Nairobi, Kibera areas, Kisumu, and whatever happened in the form of our former president. We are not happy as leaders of Uasin Gishu County because we know our current president William Ruto is a God-fearing man and we believe and he has spoken that he does not support any destruction of property or killing of people.”

She urged the opposition party Raila Odinga to support the Kenya Kwanza government by helping in running the country for peace to prevail which leads to an economic economy.

“We will not accept greed in power through demonstrations, be a man who can be consulted on how to run this country and not on how demonstrations can be run in the country. I want to talk to our sister Martha Karua; as a mother, you could have relented this and said let us support the government of the day so that we have peace and our economy improves. “she said.

Moses Kebenei, MCA Simat/ Kapseret ward noted that the demonstrations carried out should not interfere with the life of Kenyans in any way and should be done peacefully.

“Demonstrations are democratic rights as enshrined in the constitution but also the constitution says that your right should not infringe someone else right so those carrying out demonstrations should do it in a peaceful way,” said Kebenei.

He added that the demonstrations have affected businesses in Uasin Gishu, Eldoret since most entrepreneurs acquire their products from Nairobi and now they can’t due to insecurities caused by demonstrations.
“According to my opinion, the first and second demonstrations that were carried out were not peaceful. Even right now entrepreneurs in Eldoret most of them acquire their products from Nairobi and it has been a problem I think if it was a peaceful demonstration it shouldn’t have prevented business personnel from doing their businesses.”

Gilbert Lagat, MCA Kiplombe ward has said demonstrations are among the things dragging the country behind and that Raila was supposed to be mentoring leaders in handling issues than using them in conducting demonstrations.

“I want to agree with my fellow leaders in condemning demonstrations happening in Kisumu and Nairobi. It is among the things pulling Kenya behind in economy, business-wise, and every other way. We are not happy with the things that we have seen. The father of this world Raila Odinga who we expected will mentor young leaders is leading them to conduct the demonstrations than teach them how to handle issues here in Kenya.” said Lagat.

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