Oscar Sudi and Human Rights Activist Recovers 20 Acres Grabbed Land


Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Kipchumba Sudi together with Center for Human Rights and Democracy (CHRD) programs officer Kipkorir Ngetich presided over the recovery of 20 acres of land from land grabbers.

According to Sudi, this follows her complaint to President William Ruto during a school function at Kamagut Primary.
The land Pioneer//Ngeria Block I EATEC 1980 belongs to Emily Keter and it was allegedly fraudulently registered to Tamar Cheptoo Birgen/Paul Kirwa and Julius Ruto.

“I will personally deal with Land grabbers decisively. Some of them are conniving with judicial officers, especially in Eldoret Town courts. Their time is up and should pack and go,” said the Kapseret legislator.

“We have documents that I have gone through and found that they were fraudulently obtained. Sadly, the lady with her siblings are seeking refuge in neighbors houses yet someone is sitting on their land. I won’t allow this to happen whatsoever,” he said.

Sudi said he talked to the person who owned Tanin farms and told him that the land belonged to the first buyers
and that the current buyer bribed the registrar to give a fake title deed.
“Before the title is brought back we will bring down the house and put up a new house for the lady to stay with her family,” the Kapseret legislator said.

He further noted that the said people would be prosecuted afresh and that he wouldn’t allow the lady to continue being a refugee yet he had land.

Center for Human Rights and Democracy (CHRD) programs Officer Kipkorir Ngetich said the lady came to her office and said that her land had been grabbed.

“We did an investigation and found out that the then registrar Sarah went through land files and said that the title deed was forged and canceled it terming it a case of forgery,” said Nge’tich.

Kipkorir Ngetich

“We wrote the letter to the registrar who gave out the title where we asked him to send him the copy of the title deed of the land in question. After scrutinizing the title deed he said the signature looked like his but it was forged. We won’t allow anyone to steal someone’s land and use the court to protect a frequently gotten document.
He said they will not allow the Judiciary to protect fraudulently obtained documents.
“We are asking our courts not to be used to legalize fake documents that is not justice. Those who were removed in these farms were removed fraudulently,” he said.

“All those orders of eviction were fraudulent, we will file A petition to JSC we want to know why the judge gave the ruling. what documentation did he interrogate as the trial Judge that warranted him or her to grant eviction orders,” he added.

He said he would use the case as an example that the Judiciary is corrupt and we cannot use the judiciary to be manipulated by some few self-centered individuals.

“If there is a person who has a problem with us evicting these people come and prosecute us in court we are ready for you,” they said.

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