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Over 100 patients diagnosed with Kidney disease Daily at MTRH

Kenyans who have undergone a kidney transplant have implored upon the government to lower the high cost of post medication drugs.

Speaking at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital while marking this year’s World kidney day, MTRH Chief Medical Nephrologis Dr Philip Cheptinga has urged the government to reduce the post-transplant medication cost which has pushed many patients and their Families to nadir.

“To do a dialysis would cost the government about Ksh76,000 per month but after the transplant the spending drops to around ksh20,000 and 30,000 per month on post medication drugs, the cost is unbearable to many families”Cheptinga opined.

He also said that about 850 million people are living with kidney disease Worldwide and more than 5 million people in Kenya which is about 10% of the country’s population.

Dr. Cheptinga has said that the number of kidney patients seeking medical treatment continues to rise and most Kenyans are not aware.

“Those who come to the hospital are those whose kidneys have started failing but a majority are living in the community without knowing and that’s why we want to encourage you to go and check your blood pressure, sugar levels ,weight and ensure to live a healthy life” Said Dr. Philip.

He further said that they receive more than 100 patients on daily basis with kidney ailments at MTRH and out of those 25% require dialysis and another 10% require kidney transplant.

He added that they carry out 100 dialysis sessions per day and weekly transplants which strains the institution.

“The best option is to prevent the disease from reoccurring and that’s why we want to encourage all of us to do more physical exercises, take a balanced diet and watch your weight” He urged.

William who has undergone a kidney transplant at MTRH has decried the high cost of drugs that sustain his health after the successful operation.

He has urged the government to provide a tax subsidy on Post medication drugs from Kindly transplant patients in order to alleviate the burden of treatment.

William received a Kidney donation from her wife after his family failed to come through to his aid.

World kidney day is a global campaign that raises awareness on the importance of kidneys to one’s overall health.

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