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Over 1000 Kenyans that were promised to travel to Qatar Storm Uasin Gishu Commissioner’s Office Looking For Help

Over 1000 Kenyans that were promised to travel to Qatar stormed Uasin Gishu County Commissioners’ office wanting their money refunded.
Led by Centre for Human Rights and Mediation (CHRM) CEO Nick Omito they called for the immediate closure of the agency.

This is after the agency promised to link the unemployed Kenyans with world cup opportunities due to start in November.

“These youths from Eldoret have parted with a lot of funds to secure employment opportunities, and have been shortchanged by this agency. We call on the county and national government together with the national employment authority to look into this matter and help these youths be refunded back their money.” Said Omito.

“This is uncalled for and ill-intended and we are calling for immediate closure of the agency,” he added.
The youths who according to receipts had parted with up to Sh. 40,000 per person to secure the opportunities felt short-changed when the departure date had reached but the company offered no communication to their course.
With many questions on the matter, there are a lot of issues raised as to why the plot seems like a well-planned con game meant to defraud the youths.

The issues ranged from the cancellation of jobs to no official receipts and lack of official stamps on the receipts to legitimize the process, the youths expressed their fears and want justice to be served.

“There has been poor communication from the agency, if the jobs are canceled why don’t you call them and explain this to the youths? The receipts being given have no name or rubber stamp and you don’t want any other mode of payment but cash. This is conman ship and we call on the police to make sure that office is closed and the youths are refunded their money and passports without any conditions.” he said.

“We are wondering why the agency is staying mum? Some of us had to sell land, and motorbikes to fund this yet to date we haven’t received our passports, or visa none of us has flown out of the country yet some even made the payments last year. We are asking for help from Hon. Sudi, and our governor, Mr.Chelilim. We don’t want to end like other people suffering in the gulf countries, please help us.” Abel
Kimtai Some is a victim of this incident.

“What I want is the agency to bring back my money am not interested in traveling again “Winson Cheper Tanui ,”
Sabel Kimutai alias Cobra says“We have gone to Naiberi police station no help, we urge president William Ruto, Governor Chellim and Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi to help us,”

Pauline Ambaka wrote “It’s sad that she says she is the deep state and we can do nothing about it what we want is justice. We are calling on our hustler President William Ruto to come to our rescue,”

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