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Parents Boss Congratulates President-Elect William Ruto, This is What he Wants Him to Do

Days after Dr William Ruto was declared president-elect the Kenya National Parents Association chairman Mr. Nicholas Maiyo now wants to retain CS Education George Magoha.

Maiyo says Prof Magoha has done a lot of work in education and should be left to finish the transition to Junior Secondary school.
“First of all we want to congratulate the deputy president William Ruto for being elected as the 5th president, we believe in his leadership and we know he will transform the Country. We want to ask him to retain the CS Education for him to complete the good work that he is doing to ensure a smooth transition to junior secondary,” Maiyo said.

The parent’s chair said this is necessary for the steps already taken in implementing the new curriculum, CBC, and continuity of the program.
He says Prof Magoha has done a lot for the 5 years after the launch of the Competence Based Curriculum CBC
“A lot of progress has been made with the curriculum and any change will affect the investments made by many parents towards their children undertaking the curriculum. Those parents whose kids are set to transit from grade 6 to junior high school would like the program to continue as it is as they have invested heavily towards their kids’ education.” Maiyo noted.
The construction of the classrooms which will host Junior Secondary School learners in January 2023 is currently at 90 percent completion where Out of the 10,000 classrooms that were being constructed over 9000 are complete.
By Ayago Lloyd.

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