Parents Urged to Take Their Children For Dental Checkups Before Going Back to School

Parents have been urged to take their children for dental checkups at least every term before going back to school.

Speaking to the press Dr. Paul Wangwe Dentist Surgeon at Aquadent Dental Clinic in Eldoret said this is essential since they can be checked and treated if they have any problem at an early stage.

“Now that schools are opening and children are going to school I want to advise parents across the country to take their children for a dental checkup before going back to school so that they can be checked and in case of any problem be treated,” Dr. Wangwe said.

He reiterated that parents should refrain from giving their children sugary foods saying they are the major cause of food decay.

“While purchasing shopping for your children kindly limit the purchase of snacks, sweets, juices this will reduce the increase in dental decaying,” he advised.

Dr. Wangwe says if dental decay is left unattended it causes pain on children, lack of concentration in school, and also lower self-esteem,” he added.
“Major causes of dental carries include poor oral hygiene, excessive use of sugary foods without proper oral hygiene among others,” Dr Wangwe noted.
He said there is low sensitization on dental diseases in schools and that  many people cannot access online information due to limitations to the technology.

“We would like to have a program to educate teachers on dental disease in which they will help us in the dissemination of information and that tooth decay is treated by filling, root canal, and extraction. Toothy decay is prevented by proper diet, proper oral hygiene, use of proper tooth brushing, limitations of the use of sugary foods.,” he said.

Sumeya Mustafa Oral Health worker says of the tooth disease that affects children include, tooth decay, a tooth having a hole, headache, mouth problems, and bad odour among others.
“I advise parents to teach their children how to brush their teeth in the morning and evening before sleeping, they should also stop giving children sugary foods e.g. biscuits, chocolates,” she says.

Sharon Awuor Dental Lab Technologist said tooth replacement can also be done for children.

“If tooth replacement is done to school going children this will boost self-esteem and be confident which is connected with students performance, this will help them perform well and concentrate on their studies.

Doris Biwott Mengich a parent said its important for children to go for dental
checkup before going to school because the holiday has been long and children have taken sugary foods, it will help them to know if there is a hole on a tooth thus can be treated early.

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