Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s Should Be Investigated- Governor Bii

Uasin Gishu County Governor Jonathan Bii now wants Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s of Good News International Church investigated following the Shakahola massacre.

He says Kenyans want to know the truth and that no church should allow the killing of people.

According to Bii, it is illegal to take advantage of people’s problems, brainwash and fast them to death.

“I have seen in some churches where preachers stand on the backs of their followers which is not Godly at all.
The church led by President Ruto is going to facilitate full investigation of Shakahola killings and ensure the starvation cults led by Paul Mackenzie are put behind bars,” Uasin Gishu governor said.
Governor Bii said neither Christianity, Islam, or African heritage allows any leader to starve people to death and urged people to Worship in truly recognized churches.

“We as Christians have mainstream churches which we have been fellowshipping since time in a memorial these include; African Inland Church (AIC), Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), Catholic, Reformed Church, Peace and Mercy Church Of Africa (PMCA), Salvation Army and Pentecostal which are acceptable and have been accredited to provide gospel Ministry to our people.” added the county head.

He further urged Mr. Odinga to seize public demonstrations and vandalize people’s property and that he should retire peacefully with a good legacy.

“Must you keep on disturbing people every day for you to get what you want? Raila Odinga should style up, “asked the governor while referring to the opposition leader.

Honorable Bishop Emeritus Dr. Jackson Kosgei while addressing the public noted that a Christian is known by his/her behavior and actions and urged people to protect themselves from false churches and individuals that are misleading.

“Let’s pray to identify false preachers from the real,” said Bishop Kosgei.

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