Pastor who secretly sacrificed his wives turns mad in the middle of his intervention to his followers inJuja town

The members of a Pentecostal church in Juja were left with their mouth agape after their pastor suddenly turned mad while administering God’s word to them. According to one of the members of the church, the Pastor was initially involved in freemasonry where he sacrificed his four wives to gain more followers in his church.

“The pastor’s wives’ died strangely for four consecutive months in the year 2019, nobody knew he cause of their death,” said one of the members of the Pentecostal church.

According to sources near the pastor, one of his mother in law decided to seek revenge against him after she discovered that he had been secretly sacrificing his partners to gain more followers in his church.
“The mother in law vowed to punish the pastor and never let the death of her daughter go in vain, she consulted a powerful herbalist called KazimotoDoctors who specializes in these kinds of matters”, explained one of the church ushers.

Doctor Kazimotobestowed a mad curse on the pastor’s life with his powerful performing abilities.
“The incident shocked so many members of the church that day, our pastor turned mad in the middle of an intervention to his congregation. One by one people fled the scene and praised the witch doctor that had made compelled the evil man in disguise of a pastor to go nuts,” praised one eye witness.
The people from Juja have since learnt to respect and acknowledge the powerful abilities of the traditional herbalist.

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