PCEA Official Urges Kenyans to Maintain Peace in the Fourthcoming Elections

Kenyans have been urged to maintain peace, before, during and after the fourthcoming August genera elections.

Speaking to the press in Eldoret town Moderator Eldoret presybetary PCEA Church Rev Kenneth Kotut called on Kenyans not to be used to cause violence.

“I want to call upon Kenyans across the country as we are heading to the next general elections let us maintain peace our brothers and sisters ,before you do anything ask yourself Which instrument are you ,don’t be an instrument that is used badly to cause violence,” said Korir while speaking to the press.

He said during the electioneering period politicians take advantage of that less fortunate in the society and this time round should not allow themselves to be used badly.

“As Christians let’s not allow ourselves to be used by politicians cause violence and instead we should be ambassadors of peace. Peace starts with you and you cannot give what you dont have since if you have peace yourself you will distribute to other places,” he added.

He said Kenyan’s should be their brothers keeper.

“Let’s mainatain peace in our house village and country. If you have peace in your heart you will tell your neighbour to have peace. Where there is peace there is blessings, See your neighbour as brother and sister and not as an enemy,” Kotut said.

He noted that politics comes and go and should not be used as a tool to divide Kenyans.

“Politics is a one day affair but your neighbor will still be your neighbor therefore don’t hate them just because you have enough been told by a politician to do so,” he said.

Kotut further called on jobless youths not to alow themselves to be used by politicians to cause violence since this might destroy their future.

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