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People must criticize what Supreme Court Judges Did – Millie Odhiambo to Supreme Court


Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo now say people  should be allowed to criticize the Supreme Court rulling.


“People must criticize what they do not agree with respectfully. It is called freedom of speech. The SCOK I do not agree with your verdict and especially your choice of words which I did not perceive as professional. It is my constitutional right to say so. These freedoms were hard fought for. We are willing to defend them at the prize of unfreedoms,” she wrote on her Facebook page.


The Mbita MP is a staunch supporter of the opposition leader Raila Odinga who was defeated by the deputy president William Ruto. 


She is a big critique of the president elect William Ruto terming him as not fit to be the next Kenya’s president. 


Her  post received mixed reactions here are some of thir comments.


Kondenge EdwinFacts are always facts… The error where Kenyans were gagged on what to say were long gone.SCOK is a shame to democracy pthiooo,”


Merlanie Awino ChepkemoiThe judicial verdict was political. Seems they were punishing uhuru for not appointing the judges nominated to court of appeal and not funding enough money to judiciary.Sad,”


Boniface OburuUpon reflections, I agree that their wordings were harsh and sounded unprofessional. They would still have made their verdict without talking down the non-winner,”


Donald KBThe same SCOK allows people to quote/cite previous decisions. If you accept citations and praise,you should also accept criticism. CJ Mutunga’s SCOK Presidential petition ruling is still being criticized 10 years late,”


Arthur Otieno “Martha Koome should be knowing this better than most of us. Freedom of expression and speech is enshrined in our constitution, telling Kenyans not to criticize SCoK is like telling us that you’re holier than thou and should not be criticized,”




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