“Pesa Makaratasi” Man Brags In Embu After Getting Money Spells That Transformed His Life


“Harsh economies? Tough budgeting and lack of money? It’s up to you!!” That’s was what Kinoti had to say months after his life was upgraded from poverty to a lavish one. He was a fruit seller at our local market and sometimes he would hawk arround begging us to promote him since his stick would perish due to lack of market.

Kinoti was my next door neighbor and I was a witness who witnessed his marriage break down and crash into pieces due to his inability to consistently provide for his family. As a bread winner, at times you may find it hard to bring something home especially in the current situation in our country where unemployment is very common and the cost of living has risen vigorously leaving us citizens struggling to earn a living.

Kinoti was a clear explanation of poverty due to his living status. According to neighbors, Kinoti wasn’t living but surviving. He would tell the neighbors that “nipee time nitaomoka” and went on to prove his critics wrong and doubters since months later he came back to our plot where we used to live together and parked a Toyota Prado outside the parking lot and we were all surprised. As a humble guy he was, he approached me and we had a talk as he revealed details behind his success.

According to Kinoti, he met a native doctor from Kitengela town called Dr. KAZIMOTO who he was introduced to by a friend and Dr. KAZIMOTO through his powerful money spells, Kinoti witnessed his rapid change of his lifestyle from poverty to being stable in a rapid sequence. He narrates that Dr. KAZIMOTO gave him money spells combined with Luck Charms and later on the open a hotel business which earned him huge profits leading to him setting up several branches. He advised all of us to seek help of money spells and other society problems from KAZIMOTO Doctors via +254741930918.

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