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Police Arrest One Suspect and Illegal Liquor Worth Sh 200,000 in Kipkorgot

Police in Eldoret on Tuesday arrested one suspect alleged to be making an illicit brew in Kipkorgot in the Outskirts of Eldoret town.

Speaking to the press Ainabkoi OCPD Leonard Matete said the suspect was arrested after they received information from the public.

The house belonged to a pastor in one of the local churches.
“On Tuesday our police officers raided a house in Kipkorgot in the outskirts of Eldoret town and found them making illegal liquor where they were mixing water and ethanol and packaging them in a bottle,” said Matete.

He said the suspect will be arraigned in court after an investigation on the same is completed.
“We have the suspect in our custody at Nairobi Police station and will be taken to court tomorrow,” said the County police boss.

He says the illegal alcohol costs Sh 200,000.
The Ainabkoi OCPD Leonard Matete said the house was rented purposely for the business since there was no chairs, or bed.

He said the illegal alcohol is harmful to human consumption and leads to male weaknesses.
“We were also able to net over 2000 litres of the illegal liquor. The suspect will be arraigned in court tomorrow morning. We thank residents for acting as our watchdogs by reporting this person and we urge them to continue with the same spirit,” he said.

He warned landlords against renting houses to people they don’t know their whereabouts saying they also risk arrest in cases their houses are used in illegal business.

“I want to give a stern warning to those doing illegal businesses to stop it with immediate effect since it’s against the law and they will be arrested and charged,” said Matete.

Enock Cheruiyot Pharmacists students thanked the police for arresting the suspect saying most youths were destroyed with the illegal alcohol.

“As residents, we had problems with illegal and counterfeit alcohol which has destroyed youths’ lives we thank the government for this noble cause and our future is now guaranteed,” he said

“As residents, we are going through a hard time due to the illegal liquor that has destroyed our children and entire community but after their arrest, our children will have peace,” said Nancy.

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