Businessman Anthony Mbaria Calls For Justice After Being Assaulted by police

Police have launched investigations into allegations of assault and robbery on an Eldoret businessman by police officers and KeNHA (Kenya National Highway authority).

Turbo Sub- county Police Commander Eliud Maiyo has said that the police have begun investigations into the allegations in which the businessman is said to have been physically assaulted and robbed Sh. 190, 000 by the officers.

“We have started investigations into the matter as the involved persons have been summoned by the County Commander and are yet to give their statements pertaining the issue at hand,” said Maiyo.

He reiterated  that they were yet to make an inquiry file to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for further directions as the allegations of assault and robbery were serious.

“These are serious allegations that will be addressed with the seriousness it deserves so that the truth is found out,’ added Maiyo.

A team of 3 police officers and four KeNHA officers are said to have descended onto the businessman Anthony Mbaria beating him up with slaps and kicks and even using the firearms.

His brother who rushed to his aid also sustained injuries on his leg and shoulder during the commotion that attracted a huge crowd.

According to Mbaria, he had parked his car on the side of the road next to his workshop and went to pick his friend who was sick and needed to be rushed to hospital.

But on his return, he saw KeNHA officers removing his number plate from his harrier car and upon inquiry the officers who had handcuffs with them became hostile battering him and were joined by police officers attached to the traffic police unit.

“I tried to reason with the officers but my excuses fell on deaf ears as they descended on me beating me up as they shouted at me that I could not even save myself,” said Mbaria.

Mbaria said that he had Sh. 190,000 in his pocket which he wanted to deposit at the bank from his business but was robbed off by one of the officers during the battle.

‘I had some money amounting to Sh.190, 000 which one of the officers forcefully took from me as they assaulted me. I was helpless and they could not return it,” cried Mbaria.

Mbaria’s brother Alex Maina said that he rushed to the scene when he saw his brother pinned down by the officers but his efforts to save his brother were futile as he sustained injuries the more.

Maina said that the crowds that surrounded them saved their lives as they made the officers surrender the battle allowing them to report the injustice to Baharini police station.

“The commotion attracted the attention of many people including business people and even passersby to come to our aid stopping the officers from causing us more harm,” said Maina.

3 Replies to “Businessman Anthony Mbaria Calls For Justice After Being Assaulted by police”

  1. This is so unlawfull, police officer are supposed to make sure all citizens are free from no harm ….proper actions should be taken upon those who treats harmless citizens WE CALL UPON DCI TO LOOK UPON THE MATTER…and make sure the victims are compensated for their loss, time loss, emotional traumatizing

  2. It’s unlawful to harass citizens. The business man should be granted justice. Police men have turn to robbers instead of protecting Kenyans. Matiangi need to warn his boys

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