Postmortem of 10 Bodies from the Shakahola Forest Released

Postmortem of Bodies of two children exhumed from the Shakahola forest showed signs of lack of oxygen and 8 others were starved to death.

This is according to the autopsy carried out by the Chief Government pathologist Johannsen Oduor and a team of pathologists at the Malindi sub-county mortuary hospital.

The Chief Government pathologist said the children had features of starvation where the victims had a small layer of fat with no sign of food in their stomachs.

He further added that two children had discoloration of fingernails indicating a lack of oxygen supply in their bodies.

“The bluish fingernails indicate that the person died due to lack of oxygen supply in the body. We are contemplating that something happened making them lack oxygen in their bodies and it might be suffocation. “said the Chief Government Pathologist Johannsen Oduor

Professor Kithure Kindiki Interior Cabinet Secretary promised Kenyans to turn all the unturned stones promising to check if all organs are present in all bodies.

“We are going to check if there are organs missing in the bodies and we will let the world know what we will find out on that case,” said the Interior Cabinet Secretary.

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