President Ruto and Odinga Should Dialogue- Bishop Kimengich

Religious leaders in the North Rift region now want president William Rutto and opposition leader Raila Odinga to dialogue to stop demonstrations being held in the Country.

According to Bishop Dominic Kimengich of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret, it’s time the two leaders sit at a round table and dialogue once and for all to ensure there’s peace in the country.

“As a church, we have seen what is going on in the Country and if nothing is done it might lead to the loss of lives and property, We are calling upon our able president William Ruto to sit down and dialogue with the opposition leader Raila for normalcy to prevail. “said Bishop Dominic Kimengich while speaking to the press.

He noted that they have held meetings as Bishops and they have come up with ways how to stop the protests in the country.

“As a church, our bishops have met to look at how we are going to act as a church to bring the President and Raila to see if they can talk together and see the path that we are going to follow to stop the protests and those in our country. The protest being witnessed are not good for the Country”, said Kimengich

Kimengich noted that they are hoping for better results and that their efforts will bear fruits.

“We hope that our plans will bear fruits and stop the demonstration which is being led by the opposition chief Raila Odinga,” said Kimengich

He asked the Christians in the county to come together and pray for God’s strength and guidance to the Bishops who were appointed to bring the country together.

“We should also pray for the bishops who are on the front line to ensure that they have brought together the opposition and the government as we look for an appropriate way. I encourage our fellow Christians to pray so that the almighty God can intervene because there are those who do not want to dialogue, but we should pray for the almighty God to soften their hearts so that we can see the interests of the country. let them see. “, He said

He said that the government should focus on its role to promote security in the country and look for ways to reduce the number of deaths caused in various areas of the country.

“Our prayer is that the government should do its job to reduce the number of deaths. What happened again? why are people still being killed? why don’t we see a good way to end all these things.? He said.

Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua
while flagging food stuff to drought-stricken areas said president William Ruto will not dialogue with the opposition leader Raila Odinga.

By Caren Masika and Penina Akinyi

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