President Ruto Stripes off NLC Mandate

The National Land Commission (NLC) will no longer conduct land valuation as required by the law but instead, the role will be taken over by the Ministry of Lands.

Speaking during a prayer service in Isiolo, President William Ruto said that the move is aimed at curbing the rampant corruption in the commission.

Ruto condemned the NLC for crooked land compensation during the compulsory land acquisition by the government.
“Going forward, it is not possible for National Land Commission to who is going to be compensated or how much one is going to be paid”, said President Ruto.

The president noted that the NLC will conduct its mandate independently from that of the Ministry of Land, which is land valuation.

The head of state further said that this action will pave the way for equality, and accountability and in return do away with the corruption in the Ministry of Land.

“The National Land Commission had been turned into a market where individuals through bribes have an opportunity of purchasing a piece of land worth one hundred thousand shillings for one million and vice versa”, stated the President.

The main role of the National Land Commission according to the constitution was to manage public land on behalf of the National and County Governments.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Land was responsible for the administration and management of private land, control and regulation of land use and property in respect of all categories of land, and maintenance of all records according to the constitution.

By Waweru Joseph and Confident Malengwe

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