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Presidential Aspirant Reuben Kigame Wants the Supreme Court to Nullify the Presidential Elections

A presidential aspirant on an independent Party ticket Reuben Kigame now wants the Supreme Court Judges to nullify the august 9th presidential elections ahead of their verdict on Monday noon.

The supreme is expected to deliver its ruling on the contested presidential elections Monday at noon.

Speaking to the press Kigame expressed his reservations on how IEBC managed the elections and that the judges are of qualified credentials to oversee the matter before them.

“My expectations are the judges will nullify the elections so that we can go for another voting process. I know Kenyans are tired and they want to go back to their various work, school, and other duties but if there is justice, everybody is happy,” said Ruben Kigame.

“There are many Kenyans who are asking questions on how the Supreme Court will handle the presidential petition case concerning the disputed August polls disputed elections. I have faith in the Supreme Court Judges handling this matter because of their experience over the years. I have faith that the decision will factor in all Kenyans.I urge them to nullify the elections.” he added.
Expressing his concerns about the low voter turnout during the elections Kigame said many people did not turn out to register and vote which indicates their level of faith in the whole process and IEBC the body overseeing the whole process.

“My worry has been, that more than 8 million youths did not turn out to register or vote, and this is an indication that many people did not have faith in IEBC conducting the whole process. I did not have faith in them too. I did not have faith in Chairman Wafula Chebukati, I did not have faith in the other commissioners and their lawyers because instead of aiding me, they fought me adding that despite the court ordering them to include him in the presidential ballot, they refused to obey the orders,” he added.

Kigame says he would respect the decision the judges will present to the nation and has asked other Kenyans to respect the decision but maintains the results should be nullified for Kenya to go back to the ballot again.

The veteran singer also called on the churches not to divide Kenyans for the lord loves everybody despite our difference adding that their focus should be on uniting Kenyans and maintaining peace for our beloved nation.

“My final plea is for the Kenyan Churches especially the leaders not to divide Kenyans for the lord loves everybody despite their political affiliations, either in Kenya Kwanza or in Azimio. We need to preach peace and call for unity during these times,” he added.
By Ayago Lloyd.

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