Press Statement by ANC Party Resign or we impeach you, Mr Ruto

We have called this press conference to tell the outgoing Deputy President, William Ruto that you can lie to some people some time, but will not lie to all Kenyans all the time. We want to tell Kenyans some truth about Ruto.

But we are also calling on Ruto to do the right thing – resign – short of which he should be fired.Towards this end, we have taken the lead in preparing a motion of impeachment, to protect Kenya against violent implosion being clandestinely fermented by Ruto, a rich and powerful man in government pretending to be poor.

In that impeachment motion, we will make the case that because his ambition is in competition with priorities set by the government he serves in, he is a danger to the stability of the nation by covertly dissenting and sabotaging the President’s government agenda.

He does that through incitement of the vulnerable poor.

Ruto swore to serve the people of Kenya diligently by assisting the President prosecute government agenda. But Ruto has deviated, nay, subverted his oath of office loyally to serve the President. Just this Sunday, Ruto has the shameless knack to call the President, his boss, a tribalist.

If the President is a tribalist, we dare ask, what be his deputy, Hermann Goring to Hitler? For the record, Hermann Göring was the primary architect of the Nazi police state in Germany.

He established the Gestapo secret political police and concentration camps for the “corrective treatment” of difficult opponents.The German – Third Reich – state was fashioned on racial purity. Ruto of all people cannot run away from acts of tribalism, ethnic engineering and purity. It is what feeds and sustains his politics.

Ruto’s support for President Uhuru Kenyatta is not because he believes in his leadership qualities. His support is because Uhuru is Kikuyu and can help Ruto with Kikuyu ethnic support. Absent that support has fuelled Ruto sabotage schemes.In fact, Ruto disparages Uhuru, the person and President. You need no more evidence than Ruto publicly ridiculing the President that Uhuru is misled into BBI, abandoning Jubilee development agenda. He says this without batting an eyelid knowing both BBI and Big Four Agenda are government projects he fully participated in formulating.

On BBI, his instinctual propensity to lie has helped him cheat Kenyans for so long that he didn’t participate in the formulation of BBI. This was until the President told the nation – to Ruto’s face – that Ruto indeed made appointments to the BBI Taskforce. This is Ruto for you – a pathological liar.

Ruto the opportunist exploited the ethnic anxieties that existed between the Kikuyu and the Kalenjin communities post-2007 elections ethnic violence to book himself space besides Uhuru. It is Ruto who told the world that their union was ‘to bring peace between the two warring ethnic communities”.

At that time, the two ethnic communities made sense to Ruto in his scheming.

In 2021 however, according to Ruto, the two ethnic communities should be presumed extinct! Yet, because it suits him, Ruto never tires of gloating that as recently as 2017, he brought ethnic communities together under the Jubilee Party. Should ethnic communities exist only because Ruto wills it?

Ruto fakes being horrified by the existence and recognition of ethnic communities and rise of ethnic nationalism that he has helped ferment only because such truth is inimical to his duplicitous ambition.  We remind Ruto that communities can never be erased from the face of Kenya. Indeed, in the Constitution, the Republic of Kenya is made up of ethnic communities residing in geographical counties. That is the reality, that’s the gravitas of Kenyan politics of which Ruto is the prime mover.

The President didn’t say anything new. He simply echoed discreet conversations among Kenyans. Deputy President Ruto cannot escape blame for the institutionalisation of the Kenyan ethnic state. What else can account for his meteoric rise during the late President Daniel arap Moi’s government? Who inflamed and exploited ethnic nationalism post-2002 elections? Wasn’t it Ruto that mobilised the Kalenjin community against the Kibaki government for ostensibly discriminative sacking of Kalenjin public officers from government en-mass? Where was the love then for Kikuyus at that time?
Who in 2010 reduced Kibaki’s government environmental conservation of the Mau Forest – something he repeated in 2018 against his own government – to a persecution of the Kalenjin ethnic community residing in Narok? Did he not incite Kalenjin ethnic resentment of the government and the Maasai community through 2010-2013 and 2016 to 2018?Who then is a dyed-in-the-wool tribalist other than Ruto? Wasn’t URP marketed as a party of pastoralist communities that took lessons of ethnic mobilisation from the defunct Kadu? Wasn’t ethnic grievance for perceived injustice the dogma of URP mobilisation?  Yet what happened in the first UhuRuto government? Pastoralist community’s dogma was forgotten and replaced by narrow ethnic jingoism – Ruto made sure half of the cabinet and public service slots were a preserve of his Kalenjin community.
While this consolidated Ruto’s political hold on the Kalenjin, it created counter ethnic antagonism against the Kalenjin community. But Ruto isn’t one to care; he thrives on inciting a siege mentality among his tribesmen to earn the spoils. This is the experiment being applied to unsuspecting Kenyans youth in dire need of livelihoods.
Kenyans, Ruto is not against the President due to differences in policy projection. NO. Ruto is mad because after the 2017 elections, the President denied him the luxury of nominating tribal cronies to lucrative positions in government to process corruption that was rampant in the first term of the UhuRuto government. Such massive rip-offs installed dams, stadiums and the Last Mile electricity project schemed by such cadre, are still a blot on the government.And Kenyans should ask themselves why the majority of mega corruption caseload is about heists at that time.
This Parliament is a monument of suffering from the lies and deceit of this man that knows no bounds. This man crisscrossed many parts of the country pretending to commission projects that are non-existent.It is the highest form of treason – It is unacceptable for Ruto to sabotage the very government that he is a part off from within, undermining public confidence in government, creating public disaffection and inciting rebellion while at the top echelons of government.We must get rid of this resident agent provocateur, the mole in government.
Hon. Ayub Savula, ANC Deputy Party Leader

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