Following the DAP-K/ Azimio rally that took place yesterday, there were some utterances that were made with intent to paint Kenya Kwanza Alliance negatively by several leaders that we would like to respond as follows:

Firstly, we would like to respond to the DAP-K Party leader, Hon. Wafula Wamunyinyi who threatened that the Kenya Kwanza Alliance should not be allowed to hold a public rally in Transnzoia.

According to the constitution of kenya 2010, article 36 on freedom of association, article 38 on freedom to make political choices and article 39, sub article 1 under the bill of rights stipulates that “every kenyan has the right to freedom of movement in kenya” and therefore Hon. Wamunyinyi should vast himself with the constitution and stop exposing his ignorance.

In fact the Kenya Kwanza Alliance will be soon holding a mother of all rallies in Trans-nzoia County within three weeks.
Trans- nzoia is a cosmopolitan county and Kenya is a democracy where people should be allowed to choose their own leaders.

The great people of Trans-nzoia have a right to choose the Governor of their choice and not a Eugene Wamalwa imposed project. Tumekataa political project, therefore The Eugene Wamalwa project is dead on arrival.

If Eugene Wamalwa is man enough he should offer himself for an elective seat (even for woman-rep) instead of hiding behind political appointments.
He has performed dismally as a Cabinet Secretary in all the ministries that he has served.

He is a failure by all standards, he has nothing to show from the ministry of constitutional affairs, ministry of water, ministry of devolution or the ministry of defence. he should enumerate any single value that he has added to the lives of the people of Trans-nzoia county by being in government.

In fact his new political kiosk DAP-K, was deliberately established to divide and auction people for purposes of earning him a cabinet appointment as it were with new Ford- Kenya.

Trans-Nzoia County being the food basket of Kenya we expected the Cabinet Secretary of Agriculture Hon. Peter Munya to address the high cost of fertilizer now retailing at around KES 6,000 per bag which is a burden to the farmers in Trans-Nzoia. Instead all we saw was political theatrics, blame game and not solutions to this problem.Governor Patrick Khaemba’s failures should not be blamed on Ford Kenya Party.

A political party is just used as a vehicle and Governor Khaemba should take personal responsibility for the stalled and incomplete projects.
The corruption allegation levelled against the Kenya Kwanza Alliance leadership is malicious and baseless.

Kenya has competent and independent agencies and institutions mandated to handle any such cases, if any. We would like to categorically state that Kenya Kwanza Alliance stands for the rule of law and human dignity, and our agenda is to make sure that we have uchumi bora and pesa mfukoni through the bottom-up economic model.

As a cosmopolitan county we will not allow or tolerate any reckless political utterances that might endanger the peace, harmony and tranquility of the people of Trans-Nzoia County.

There should be no questions on the Luyha leadership which is firmly under Hon. Moses Masika Wetangula and Hon. Musalia Mudavadi.
Lastly, the organisers of the DAP-K/ Azimio rally should pay the Boda Boda operators their dues for the services they offered.

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