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Psychological Hacks To Improve Your Business -Benjamin Zulu

Every time a new person walks into your shop you should imagine them having a question printed on their forehead: ‘How much do you care?’ Substitute this with the question you’ve been assuming ‘how much do you sell?’ Then throw in some emotionally warm gestures like a smile, a greeting, eye contact and keen listening. Strangely, even when customers don’t buy immediately they tend to return to the traders who felt warm and caring.

Never hand your business phone to your child. When they’re playing games or watching videos they see incoming calls as an interruption and they press ‘reject.’ We all know how bad it feels for someone to reject your calls when you’re trying to make a purchase. You can easily switch to another trader. The worst thing about children is that they don’t inform you that someone tried calling, and the caller never gets to know that it wasn’t you with the phone. You love your child, and you love your business too. So take care of both and eliminate the conflict of interest by perhaps getting a second phone strictly for business. These small mistakes can make you stagnate. Remember it takes just a few good customers to parachute you to the next level.

Provide your guests with low-cost gifts like coffee or candy, and you will hit many birds with the same stone. You appear generous and kind, you stick on their minds longer than your competitors and you make them less likely to over bargain since they feel a need to ‘return the favor.’

Make prime hour sales yourself instead of delegating. Customers who call in before 8 am and after 5 pm are often decided buyers. But by that time they can hardly find any shops open. And employees will have happily closed for the day. If you handle those inquiries yourself you will be surprised that in just 4 hours you can total more sales in a month than someone doing the regular 8 hours. Remember serious buyers are often busy people and that’s why they have the money to spend freely in the first place. So owing to their schedules they may need correspondence outside official working hours. If you can be reachable at that time you will be surprised at how you can close sales with very little effort and from the comfort of your house. It doesn’t mean you don’t separate family time and work time, but that you simply remain attentive. Any response during overtime hours is always more appreciated.

Lastly, assist your customers with logistics. Develop a network of trustworthy taxis and riders. Customers feel like you’re doing them a favour and they will prefer you just because you make things easier for them. This includes getting your customers any commodity you may not have from your colleagues without marking up the price. This way you may not make a profit but you invest in the relationship for future purposes and return business.

Remember you can never build an empire with first-time customers only. If you don’t give people a reason to return to your business and to refer their friends you will remain at starter levels for good. Return business is what builds your business.

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