Quick Thoughts to Consider on Your Way-Benjamin Zulu

1. The secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine. And the way to secure your tomorrow is to create it.
2. You’re only as pretty as you treat people. You’re not as pretty as your curves or your abs. Your body is only the wrapping of your personality. People don’t experience you the way you look; they experience you the way they perceive you. If you’re kind and considerate, they suddenly find you cute and handsome. But if you’re selfish and unkind, they find your cold and ugly. And you can not say that you don’t care because your reputation is part of your social capital.
3. Your life is only as good as your mindset. Not your inheritance or your pedigree.
4. If they keep you questioning where you stand with them, just answer the question by walking away.
5. Sometimes, you’re made to lose what you have so that you can be shown what you deserve.
6. The loudest boos always come from the cheap ticket row. Your critics are never people above you, but those below you. Great people find no pleasure in breaking you because they were once where you are.
7. Some people are bonuses in your life while others are bills. Make sure your relationship balance sheet is not full of bills.
8. There will always be people who can not see your worth. Just don’t be one of them.
9. Great ideas are always labelled as crazy before they’re declared to be genius.
10. The way to financial freedom is to become licensed for rendering some services and to be genius at that thing.
11. You don’t need to become a business person to grow wealthy. All you need is to own. To own a business if you’re an entrepreneur or shares in a company if you prefer being employed. In other words, you may earn your money through employment or entrepreneurship, and that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters is how much of what you earned was invested to make you an owner. Aim at owning assets, shares, and real estate.

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