Rarieda Man Deletes Facebook post He Made Admitting to Be in an Open Marriage with Wife after Testing Positive for Syphilis, Vows to Tame Wild Wife

Msibawakujitakiahaunakilio. Evans Ojwang found out the true meaning of that statement after an agreement with his wife proved disastrous. Being a young couple, Evans is 26 while his wife Penina is 21, they had agreed 12 months ago, to take things slow, not to rush to have kids and make their marriage open. Unfortunately for Evans, Penina opened the door and went wild, sleeping with guys behind car seats, in bars, toilets and occasionally at home while he was away at work. By the time he woke up to the extent of his blunders, he was shuddering, terrified in hospital, with extensive symptoms of syphilis and other STIs.

He panicked. This was not what he had in mind when he suggested the inclusion of other partners in their marriage. He thought Penina would not be able to swallow the idea of extra-marital affairs and stay faithful until he changes his mind too. But, she swallowed it all, and added several inches of male appendages into her small mouth. Last year, after the unanimous agreement, Evans had gone to Facebook to post about how his wife was so understanding as to allow him to have a handful of mistresses. It has since backfired, as he sat uncomfortably on the chair, listening to the nurse telling him to be serious with his life and avoid further life-threatening infections. The damage had already been done, regret written all over his face. He went home stressed, in agony and ashamed as he knew Penina slept with more people than he did, had probably touched bigger cassavas than his own and got hooked.

He called her to a meeting for two, to revoke the previous agreement. Penina refused. She claimed she had several other “targets” and “booked appointments” that needed to be fulfilled. Evans got scared. He was losing her, slowly but surely. What to do?? He went crying back to the nurse, begging for a solution, adding that he loved her and didn’t want to destroy their marriage. He was referred to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS, an herbalist known for solving the toughest of marital disputes.

He called them and received positive feedback that his situation has been handled before, with the results being splendidly impressive. Using a unique Spiritual Cleansing Ritual, both Evans and Penina were healed, with several traditional herbs and prescriptions given to Evans to help him improve his libido, sex drive and bedroom experience in general. He could not be happier as their marriage stabilized, leading him to announce once more, on Facebook, that KAZIMOTO DOCTORS saved his marriage from collapsing.

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