Reckless Cattle Rustlers Become Easy Pickings For a Native Doctor in Narok As Cows Walk Back To Their Owners Amid Awe and Shock

Five Cattle rustlers in Narok found themselves in a big mess last Tuesday when they were spotted in tears, as the Cows they had forcefully stolen walk back to their owners. The incident, reported to Maisha TV, left the residents in stitches, leaving them awe-stricken and dumb-founded. Four different families had been attacked in the space of a month, with at least 138 Cows reported stolen. But, in a shocking twist, the family of Pascal Ole Maiyan didn’t suffer the same fate. They were known to leave their 349 cows to wander about without anything as much as a rifle to protect the one herder they employed.
Fresh details indicate that the Rustlers noticed this gap in security and pounced, unaware that Pascal had already protected his livestock using spells from a native doctor called KAZIMOTO DOCTORS from nearby Kitengela. As a result, what they thought was going to be the easiest loot ended up becoming their worst nightmare.
All the 62 cows they had successfully taken walked back to their grazing land, leaving their captors to suffer symptoms they had never experienced before. Witnesses say that they were spotted crying, rolling by the roadside, naked and trembling. They were served the kind of harsh lesson given to rude noisemakers that enter the deputy principal’s office at ShikaAdabu High school, known for issuing the harshest discipline in Africa.
Since then, cases involving cattle rustling have been few and far between, with special praise to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS due to their involvement in stopping the vice. Cases of theft in general have ended, with many more Ranch owners trusting in KAZIMOTO DOCTORS to protect their households as well as property. Reach out to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS for more details on how to end losing goods and items in shops, supermarket, hardware and any other business. With his Protection spells, you won’t have to lock your doors, be worried about losing your car to thieves in town or even making losses in business due to burglary or theft.

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